Caroline Dalton

Caroline Dalton

Artist Statement

Caroline Dalton explores ideas through ‘making’, employing a methodology of Process in working and often executing fastidious detail within a research of ‘Sculpture and Installation’.

In the main her work considers a dialogue with ‘space & place’, and the pieces she creates often seek to draw influence directly from the context of their site; leading moreover to a broader understanding of the sculptural object in terms of ‘concept’, ‘materiality’ and ‘context’.

Through investigating the body, her enquiry has developed to examine the figure and space in terms of both presence and absence - serving to explore ideas about habitation and occupation in effect. Often what surfaces are ideas which encompass the ‘model’, where she creates carefully executed exhibits, facsimiles or devices all made as exacting replicas and with many them being experienced as white signature materials akin to a prototype. Her work echoes themes about ‘equal & opposites’ and connotations of change - spotlighting a future, new or re-imagined but also gives glimpse of a latent antitheses: as remnants, extracts, traces or the forgotten.

Her work for Rule 10 encompasses her recent thresholds research and visits ideas of the formal, historic and material agencies of Scalesceugh’s own building, where Dalton seeks to re-work and re-present reality in likeness, but in altogether altered formats and renderings.

Contact - Tel: 07856820680